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Set in the beautiful Rempstone Forest, Ower Quay Cottage is an idyllic remote waterfront cottage on the edge of Poole harbour.

An ideal spot for kayakers, hikers, bird watchers and nature lovers.

Close to larger towns Poole, Bournemouth and Swanage, which are all great places to visit!

We are just 1.5 miles from Wareham Train Station and 1 mile from historic Corfe Castle and Studland's beautiful beaches.

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 Our location is at the heart of the  Jurassic Coast World Heritage site, which has some of the most popular  and stunning scenery that Dorset has to offer.












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Ower Quay

The most peaceful and poignant place  in the Isle of Purbeck is the point from which immense quantities of Purbeck marble was exported during the Middle Ages. Effegies and escclesiastical masonry were often carved in nearby Corfe Castle. Most of these were pulled on sledges across the heath to Ower, such as two tombs of marble for the Earl of Arundel and his lady, plus one great stone for the Bishop Of Winchester which were put aboard the 48-ton vessel Margarette, from Wareham in 1374. Peppercorn Lane, eastwards from nearby Bushey, takes its name from the 1695 agreement by the Company of Marblers and Stonecutters of Purbeck to pay John Collins of Ower a pound of pepper each Shrove Tuesday.

A football was kicked along the track by the cottage in an annual ceremony to retain the right of way ( public bridleway).

Little remains to show the former importance of Ower Quay.

The stumps of the old jetty can just be seen at low water and another line of 16 posts are the timbers of an old ship that was a floating cafe, early in the twentieth century.

'Purbeck Century' Rodney Legg

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